Mark Armour

Mark is an award-winning ad agency creative director, commercial director and political media consultant who creates high-impact ad campaigns for leading advocacy, political and corporate clients.  

  • Created ads for Mike Bloomberg’s independent expenditure campaign in 2018 — the largest independent expenditure campaign in America — and helped flip 15 Republican House seats to Democratic.

  • Created independent expenditure ads in 2018 to help elect SF Mayor London Breed, the first woman of color to lead the city and the only female mayor in the top 15 cities of the US.

  • Created ads for the American Cancer Society to help pass the nation’s largest tobacco tax and raise billions for children’s health care in California.

  • Created ads to help Tom Steyer and NextGen America become one of the nation’s leading voices against Donald Trump and register 1 million new voters.

  • Created landmark anti-smoking ads for the CA Dept of Health Services  and Centers for Disease Control that lowered smoking rates in CA and nationally.

  • Passed the nation’s only statewide clean energy initiatives with innovative ad campaigns for environmental coalitions that beat back Big Oil and coal in three states.

  • Created independent expenditure ads for MoveOn to help elect President Obama.

  • Helped elect U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in come-from-behind victories with ads that won “best campaign of the year.”

  • Created an award-winning ad campaign for the American Cancer Society to ban smoking in WA state.

  • Executed an anti-piracy ad campaign for NBC/Universal and Warner Bros that led to a shutdown of major piracy sites. 

  • Developed the nation’s first text-to-donate political campaign and raised millions for President Barack Obama.

  • Created an award-winning advertising campaign for MGM International to bring more than 10,000 new jobs to MA.

  • Developed a digital ad campaign for the City of Los Angeles to stop pedestrian deaths in LA’s busiest intersections.

  • Produced get-out-the-vote ads for VoteVets featuring Vietnam veterans and helped produce record turnout in CA.

Mark brings to every project his big-agency creative experience plus the strategic political know-how forged by years in the trenches of political and issue advertising campaigns. By telling stories with humor and a documentary eye, he's won sone nice awards, too.

Before starting Armour Media, Mark was a Partner and Creative Director at GMMB, the political agency that helped elect Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Prior to that, he worked as Al Gore's press secretary when he was in the Senate and when he ran for President. He graduated from Yale, and is based in Los Angeles, CA.