Mark Armour

I'm a commercial director, ad agency creative director and political media consultant. 

I produce award-winning TV ads and digital content for progressive groups, issue campaigns, nonprofits and candidates.  

I helped elect California Senator Barbara Boxer three times, including a successful $50 million campaign that defeated Carly Fiorina. 

I worked with progressive activist Tom Steyer to pass a $2 a pack tobacco tax in California -- defeating a $70 million campaign by the tobacco industry and pouring $1.3 billion a year into public funds for health care.

I also worked with Steyer to register a million new voters in California and to help pass the toughest clean air law in America -- scaling back carbon emissions to 40% below 1990 levels.

I created independent expenditure advertising in the last three Presidential elections, as well as in U.S. Senate races, Governor's races and local races.

In the 2012 Presidential campaign, I helped raise millions for President Barack Obama by petitioning the Federal Election Commission to make it possible for Americans to make political contributions via text message for the first time in history.

I helped pass the only three successful statewide clean energy initiatives in the country to expand the use of wind and solar power in Colorado, Washington State and Missouri.

I helped tell the stories of cancer victims and produced some of the toughest anti-smoking ads in the country for the California Department of Health Services. Told in multiple languages, the ads were aired nationally by the Centers for Disease Control.  I also helped pass the toughest anti-smoking ban in the nation -- banning smoking in restaurants and bars in Seattle and Washington State -- even within 25 feet of the doorway. 

I produced ads against the war in Iraq -- telling the stories of mothers whose sons were killed in combat and producing ads targeting pro-war Senators like former Senator Norm Coleman for their support of the war. 

Other clients have included the American Cancer Society, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS), the Motion Picture Association of America, MoveOn, the California Wellness Foundation, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

I bring to every project my big agency creative experience plus the strategic political know-how forged by years in the trenches of political and issue advertising campaigns. By telling stories with humor and a documentary eye, I've won sone nice awards, too.

Before starting Armour Media, I was a partner and Creative Director at GMMB, the political agency that helped elect Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Prior to that, I worked as Al Gore's press secretary when he was in the Senate and when he ran for President. I graduated from Yale, and I'm based in Los Angeles, CA.


Elizabeth Armour


Elizabeth is a communications executive with more than 15 years of experience moving the needle for national initiatives, foundations, corporations and government organizations. Passionate about impacting social change, her work has included directing the national communications strategy for the ground-breaking U.S. Supreme Court gay marriage case (Prop 8); leading elder care reform in the nation’s nursing homes, which was adopted by Medicare; and educating millions of Californians about critical brain development for the California Department of Health Services. 

Elizabeth is a former senior vice president at GMMB - the national issue communications firm that elected Presidents Obama and Clinton - as well as a former researcher at Harvard. She is an expert at creating strategic partnerships, developing impactful messages across all mediums and influencing multiple target audiences.

Elizabeth earned her master’s in public administration/public policy from USC. She is the proud mom of three amazing girls, and loves tutoring with School on Wheels and playing beach volleyball in her spare time.